Dear Mrs. Sheffey,
I would like to take an opportunity, on this beautiful first day of May, to thank you once again for having XXX at Cotillion in Sanford this year. I would also like to thank you, on behalf of all that have attended, for your dedication and commitment to this program.
In this day and time that we now live in, it is nice to know that there are people around such as yourself that still hold on to and teach (or share) so willingly some of the finer points and correctness of life that have been in place throughout American history. Traditions and common courtesies are so important in life, and facilitates our getting along with each other. It occurs to me that more and more people are willing to abandon these traditions with no appreciation for the finer points of life.
I just want you to know that I appreciate you and what you do. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with our young ladies and gentlemen!! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day as well as the rest of the year. I look forward, on behalf of XXX, to Cotillion next year.