We, as parents, try our best to instill great manners in our children. Piedmont Cotillion classes reinforce these manners. Many of our children see a variety of misleading behaviors through social media, and social interaction. We focus on building self-confidence in our students by reviewing table etiquette, confident handshakes, and social communication skills. Piedmont Cotillions’ objective is for our students to learn etiquette and ballroom dancing while having fun in an enjoyable environment. Our condensed five-week program allows our young adults to participate in cotillion without conflicting with their other extracurricular activities. We offer classes for fifth through eighth grade students, and build on our program each year so we encourage our students to attend for all four years. Our program is one that parents feel confident about sending their children to and one that our students get excited to attend.

At the end of each program, each class is treated to a special night to celebrate graduation. For our fifth and sixth grade students, all parents are cordially invited to attend the last class to observe and dance with their children. Our seventh and eighth graders will enjoy a special class with a dance party on their last night.

Classes are scheduled in the evening and run for five weeks in the spring and fall of each year. Invitations are mailed out a month prior to the start of each class. Attire: Girls – dresses or skirts and white gloves. Boys – sports coats and ties, dress pants, and hard-soled shoes. Tuition will vary by location. We strongly encourage early enrollment as our classes tend to fill up quickly.

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